Situated in the transition zone between wet and dry forests, The Macaw Lodge Private Forest Reserve is a 264-acre oasis of biodiversity. It is home to species of plants and animals found nowhere else and more than 350 different migratory and resident birds.

Macaw Lodge is a sanctuary for adventures of the heart, soul, mind and body. There are many options for relaxation, restoration, recreation, meditation, learning and solace. Special events are offered throughout the year so you can plan your visit around your passion. You’ll find seminars, yoga retreats, team-building sessions, even a retreat call Sacred Chocolate: From Bean to Bar in November. We’re always looking for new activities and often get the best ideas from our guests.

If you want to venture offsite to experience other areas and activities unique to Costa Rica, we can take care of that too. Tell us about your interests and we will make suggestions or handle the arrangements for your entire visit.