Caspar Poyck

Caspar Poyck C.Ht.​is a Psycho­Digestive Therapist and author of the upcoming book: “The Psycho-Digestive Approach​: Thoughts for Food and Food for Thought”

Caspar counsels private clients and leads retreats around the world and is a public speaker. Caspar also works in drug and alcohol addiction treatment centers and is a proudAmbassador for “The Foundation for Living Beauty” supporting women with cancer.

Born in The Netherlands to yoga­teacher parents Caspar was encouraged to explore and observe his innate understanding that body and mind are connected.

After having spent twenty years of his life as a musician, actor, and television producer, he realized he was missing deeper meaning and purpose in life and decided to travel the world from 2003 until 2005.

Some of the best conversations, feelings of connectedness and spiritual insights Caspar had during those years happened while “breaking bread” with strangers and friends. This proved to him that true nourishment comes from more than just the nutrients in your food ! 

In 2005 Caspar returned to the United States and became a therapist focused on psycho­somatic healing.

Having a love for food and meals, Caspar observed how emotions affect the Autonomic Nervous System and how this affects metabolism, auto­immune responses, the lymphatic­,vascular­ and digestive­system in his clients. Psychology affects our relationship with food !

This is when Caspar developed The Psycho-Digestive Approach !


Caspar provides the most tremendous gift of awakening, perspective, and LIFE.
Without his lecture and words of truth, I very likely would be dead.
~Vera, a survivor of stage 4 breast cancer with lesions in pelvis and spine.