Frequent Ask Questions

How far is the hotel from the main route?

Hotel is situated 45 minutes from the main route to Jaco approximately 45 minutes to the lodge.

How is the condition of the road to the hotel? 

We currently have 10 km in good conditions and 8 km that you need to drive slowly, we suggest a 4-wheel drive car.

At what time is check in?

Our check in is at 3 pm.

And check out?

Check out is at noon.

Do you have a pool?

No, we don’t have a pool we have a waterfall where you can swim in our property just 30 minutes away hiking in one of our trails.

How close is the nearest town with a store and services?

The closest town were you can get a few items is 15 minutes away and 45 minutes to main supermarkets.

Does your restaurant is open 24 hours to the public?

No, our restaurant is open only for our guests and is open only on meal hours.

Do you have a bar that serves cocktails and wine? 

We don't have a bar but we can offer wine, beers and soft drinks, but if there is any special drink you desire we can get it for you.

Do you have TV or electrical outlets on the room?

Our electricity comes from solar power; we don’t have electrical outlets nor television on the rooms, we only have a charging spot near the front desk area for you to charge cellphones, cameras, and flashlights. 

What activities can we do while staying at the lodge?

  • Cocoa Tour
  • Bird watching
  • Hiking
  • Horse back riding
  • Night tour

How long is the drive to Manuel Antonio?

I will say the time to Manuel Antonio will be around 2 30 min. 

Do you accept credit card?

We accept major credit cards, except for Amex. Also you can pay cash in dollars or colones.