Itai Hauben Dolev

Itai is originally from Israel but choose to live in Costa Rica.

He is the son of Masha and Arie, two amazing urban permaculturists that produce an abundance of diverse food from a tiny lot.

He is married to Melina, Colombian Agronomist Ing. graduated from the Earth University. Together they have two kids: Nevo and Alma of which they are dedicated to.

Itai has been working with Permaculture design, restorative agro-ecology and water retention landscapes since 2002. and has been applying himself to projects worldwide.

Itai holds a diploma at applied Permaculture design and a Master of Science at Integrative Eco-Social Design.

His rich experience draws from techniques applied on drylands, warm temperate, subtropical and humid tropical climates. His work goes from aid work to villages suffering malnutrition in the colombian llanos through ecovillage design schemes and up to high-end hotel edible landscaping.

Itai is very passionate about regenerative strategies, permaculture and plants. He gives permaculture design certificate courses regularly since 2006 and is a member of the Israeli Permaculture association and the Costa Rica Permaculture organization.

Itai works as the founder and director of Symbiosis Design, a regenerative design and implementation firm that works on projects of different scale in Costa Rica and other countries.

Itai Hauben Dolev
MSc. Eco-social Design