Birding Hike

Description: Macaw Lodge lies between rainforests and wet forests, mature and secondary forests, and amid landscapes of rural roads, pastures and organic agriculture. The varied climates, ecologies and terrains support a richness of birdlife that easily exceeds 350 species of migratory and resident birds—including our namesake Scarlet Macaw as well as the Fiery-Billed Aracari, Black-Mandibled Toucan, Orange-Collared Manaquin and Amazon Kingfisher among many others. The birding hike introduces guests to the world of ornithology. A professional guide takes you along paths and trails, helping you locate and identify bird species and shares information about the natural balance of birds in nature.

Duration: 2 hours (approximately)

Departure time: 6:00 a.m. , from the Lodge reception area

Cost: $45 per person, including bird list

Recommendations: Wear comfortable clothes for walking and shoes with good traction. Bring binoculars, camera, water, insect repellent and a poncho if it’s raining.

This tour must be booked two weeks in advance. Minimum: 2 people