Fabulous finds on the Pacific Coast

During our time on the Pacific coast of Costa Rica we have been introducing the students to the practicalities of tropical field work. Read more

An unforgettable journey
The story of a traveller

Despite Mother Nature’s best efforts, we succeeded in flying from Dayton to Charlotte and ended up in San Jose, Costa Rica. We transitioned from 11 degrees F to 50 degrees in Charlotte to 70 degrees in San Jose. What a change in one half day! The immigration line at the Airport was truly unbelievable. It was extremely long and ran back outside the customs hall to a long narrow hallway. Luckily for us, one of the security folks pulled us out of line and escorted us to a very short special line. Read more

Knowledge exchange with Surinamese Enviromental Congressmen

If there is a place where relaxation and learning meet and complement each other it is Macaw Lodge. Visitors come seeking nature: colorful birds, exotic trees, and the sounds of a distant waterfall. Coming all the way up Costa Rica’s Central Pacific coastal mountain to this unique ecohotel provides anyone with the perfect disconnection from city life. From yoga retreats to permaculture workshops, the environment and design of the place alongside it’s dedicated staff always provides a complete experience: culinary to educational, guests return satisfied and inspired. Open the PDF

Volunteers 2017

Macaw Lodge will like to thank the 12 volunteers that we received during April thru September 2017, each one of you contributed to the growth of our ECO LODGE. Open the PDF

June 2016

Last couple of months has been amazing at Macaw Lodge; we were able to plant 5,000 mountain almond trees. The mountain almond tree is an endanger species in Costa Rica; it is forbidden to cut and the green macaw highly depends on it for its subsistence, besides feeding on it, is needed for nesting. We work with the scarlet macaw but we also work with agroforestry and we have selected the almond tree as one of the shade trees to plant cocoa. The fruit of the almond tree is associated with more than 60 species of birds, mammals and insects. Primates, parrots, toucans, oropendola and bats. Open the PDF

May 2016

TripAdvisor Certificate of Excellence 2015, has been awarded to Macaw Lodge, “as many of you know this certificate is awarded to properties that consistently achieve outstanding traveler reviews on TripAdvisor”.Open the PDF

April 2016

It has been a wonderful and busy dry season at Macaw Lodge. We had visitors from different parts of the world. Our reviews are our testimony and our feedback to keep us on track. It is hard to pick one of these testimonies; all of them reflect the essence of what Macaw Lodge is about it: an experience for all the senses. Open the PDF

December 2015

It has been an extraordinary year at Macaw Lodge, we have worked very hard to achieve self-sufficiency in our staple food. We are proud of being 100% self sufficient in rice and beans. For almost two years, we have produced more than half a ton of rice the traditional way, planted and harvested by hand. Open the PDF

An outgrowth of our passsion where you can indulge yours



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