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El pueblo de Costa Rica, los “ticos”, hacen que el país y Macaw Lodge sean un lugar especial. Estamos orgullosos de que los artesanos, agricultores, constructores y otros trabajadores locales no sólo ayudaron a restaurar la tierra y su biodiversidad, sino que también construyeron las instalaciones del albergue y los sistemas de energía solar. En la actualidad se encargan de supervisar el diario vivir en Macaw Lodge, crean fantásticas comidas y brindan una excelente atención a nuestros huéspedes. Nosotros los vemos como familia.


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Macaw Lodge is a dream come true for founder Pablo. His passion for the environment in Costa Rica and around the world is evident the moment you meet him. Growing up in rural Costa Rica when resources were scarce makes him appreciative of people who live in harmony with nature. And it has inspired him to make Macaw Lodge a model of sustainable living—and prove that it is possible. His love of plants and his unquenchable thirst for knowledge have led to the prolific gardens that supply food, medicinal herbs, materials and unmatched beauty at Macaw Lodge. Pablo seems to have an endless supply of energy that he puts to work restoring the natural habitats that are home to hundreds of bird and animal species, contributing to the well-being of surrounding communities and making Macaw Lodge a genuine, one-of-a-kind eco-lodge.


Anebi, wife, true love and companion-for-life of Pablo, sees to it that The Lodge is always stocked with nutritious food in addition to what’s grown onsite. She puts her considerable knowledge and passion for healthy living into resourcing and securing organic, sustainably grown and harvested fruits, vegetables and grains for guests of the Lodge. She’ll tell you that she is addicted to yoga and takes to the mat every chance she gets, especially during yoga retreats at Macaw Lodge. She is an advocate and practitioner of meditation and it shows through in her kind nature, beautiful smile and open spirit. A lawyer by profession, Anebi is a mother at heart and has devoted herself to raising the couple’s three children.


Alejandra takes the worry out of group sales and reservations. Known as Ale, she makes sure every detail is handled in advance of your visit. Originally from San José, Costa Rica, she and her husband live in Cartago near the majestic Irazu volcano. Ale’s enthusiasm for life and her Macaw Lodge family and guests is contagious. She’s into learning about the wildlife, plants and crops that thrive on the reserve, as well as hiking, beach time, traveling and yoga. Ale knows firsthand the transforming nature of a stay at Macaw Lodge and is eager to share it with you.


Born in Las Delicias, Roberto lives on the grounds of The Lodge—and that’s because he’s in charge of them—including the forest, food and farm operations. He is a hands-on, in-it-for-life type of guy. Endlessly curious, he’s always learning new things that he employs in his work. He says his life at The Lodge is wonderful and enjoys sharing what he does with students and guests.


Jose, known around The Lodge as mio, provides security during the evening and throughout the night. Born in San Jose, he now lives in Las Delicias with his wife Lizbeth, chef at Macaw Lodge, and their son Adrian. He keeps a watchful eye and is always ready with a cheerful smile and good conversation.


Born in San Jose and living in Las Delicias, Yorleny is on both the cooking and cleaning staffs at Macaw Lodge. She loves nature, her work and the many things she learns and experiences here. She has nine brothers, is married and has a 16-year-old son.

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